Do you want to become a health referent for the Spanish-speaking audience?

You have found your digi-ally translator to bring content from Russian / English to Spanish.

My translator instinct tells me that:

You are frustrated by the idea of people leaving their health in the hands of others.

You are worried about the health of our next generations.

You need allies to help you to cross the bridge to a new market.

You want to reach more people and you don’t know where to start or how to do it.

You can’t find a specialized translator in your field.

Right now, you are missing out the opportunity of:

Expanding your business and helping more people.

Increasing your visibility and presence on Internet.

Strengthening your brand and attracting new potential clients.

Earning the trust of a powerful market like the Spanish speaking market.

Standing out from your competitors and increasing your sales.

I am here to help you and guide you through the process.

Who I am?

My name is Monica Rachel Garcia Alvarez. I am Cuban, a lover of languages and cultures, Russian/English to Spanish translator.

I fell deeper in love with Russian language the year I studied in Moscow.

From an early age I was attracted to the fitness world, but I grew up surrounded by misconceptions about food and health care to live a full and long life.
I suffered from not having fed well, I got sick frequently and I did not know why I was having lack of energy and my health was unstable. Until I decided to search and take care of my life.

Referents such as Dr. Sebastian La Rosa, Mario Luna; Joe Dispenza, Jonh Kabat Zinn inspired and positevely influenced me.

I learned about how my body works and found the balance I was looking for. Today I can say that healthy eating, fitness and mindful yoga combined give well-being to my life.

And that is why I decided to merge two of my passions: foreign languages and healthy practices.


I translate for fitness, nutrition and alternative therapies entrepreneurs because I want to raise awareness of the importance of not leaving health in the hands of others. It is possible to enjoy a healthy body without having to stop enjoying life.

With my method the freedom bridge I connect with you and your project to accompany you in this transition in which your information is born in Spanish.



Because languages have given me part of that freedom: to understand the world and to be part of its cultures.


It is essential for entrepreneurial lifestyle in which I dedicate myself to a great community that enjoys my services.


For everything that surrounds me, for life and the wonder of being born in this digital age full of opportunities.


Important to know my limitations, recognize them and work to improve myself. Every day more and better.


It goes with acceptance, it makes me grow and understand everything by empathizing with it at the same time.


Close your eyes and imagine a world where:

Everybody worries about health and takes care of it.

There are no limiting beliefs such as: healthy food is tasteless, eating fruit does not leave me satisfied …

People enjoy remarkable improvements in their health and keep optimizing it, thank to your advice.

People enjoy freedom to be calm, freedom to be active, and healthy, balanced and conscious eating.

That is just great!
It is not utopia.
Together we can work and make it happen!



1. Connection
Once you fill in the form and I filter all the information, I contact you to schedule a meeting via Zoom.

2. Interview
With the objective of compiling complementary resources and materials to optimize translation process.

3. Construction of the bridge
I translate and you accompany me in the process. Client-translator teamwork is essential.

4. Delivery
To get you started on your new path.

5. Feedback and recommendations
So that next time you get better services.


To be your ally in this transition in which the beginning of the path is the freedom bridge that you cross with me, giving birth to your message in Spanish.


To expand a whole world of teachers and therapists of physical, emotional and spiritual health.


What are you going to translate today?


Book translation is full of magic. I think that the translator is responsible for representing the author as faithfully as possible in the language he is translating into and, at the same time, making the readers feel at home; that they only notice that the book is not original written in Spanish if they read the name of the author. It is an exciting and challenging work.

Websites / landing pages

Copywriting for translation of a website or a landing page is very important. A smart copy will invite your reader to buy your products and services. In the translation process, this seductive language is respected and maintained. And so your site crosses the bridge into the new market while maintaining the full power of words;)

Articles for blog, posts for networks, emails templates …

What better than to create a blog in Spanish that goes in parallel with yours? We can start with the most relevant articles for you to try. Let´s do it!

Or what about your social networks? The Spanish-speaking audience is very welcoming and appreciates reading in her mother tongue.

Translating your email templates is an excellent idea to improve your services for Spanish-speaking subscribers and will save you a lot of work. Once translated it is done.

Here I am to help you with any of these services.

If you want to know more…

Monica is very professional and keeps the deadlines. Both, the translation and presentation of the documents are meticulous. The cherry-on-top is that she is also familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and keeps all the good practices in mind while translating…
I would definitely recommend her services as you would be getting your work in time and in a professional manner.
We are looking forward to working with Monica on the next steps of our project.


Fill in the selection form

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I analyze your answers and decide if we can work together.

Get in touch via zoom or WhatsApp

To discuss details and agree on a delivery date.

I want to reach the Spanish-speaking audience!

Take me to the Spanish market!


Do you accept urgent translations?

I do not accept urgent translations, as it does not guarantee the quality of the services.

How long do translations take?

The time is agreed with the client according to the size of the work in order to provide a quality service. The priority is the client´s satisfaction, so it is useful to find a balance between everything: quality service and reasonable time.

What are the benefits of translating with a specialized translator?

The specialization may be related to a personal path or a professional career.
It is knowledge acquired through experiences and for being part of the market that consumes this type of experiences. Therefore the translator becomes familiar with the concepts, vocabulary and sales and marketing system of the sector.
Specialization is also acquired working in a particular area that helps to position the translator as an expert linguist in that area.
In my particular case, I chose my specialization according to my preferences, personal experiences and skills.
Specializing in the field of healthy living and being part of the Spanish-speaking market, which often consumes the services of specialists in this field and reads their materials, benefits both, the client and the translator. This helps me to be more productive and agile and to provide better services. This way, the clients feel they can trust me. Specialization = more satisfied customer.

Why should I request your services and not the services of an agency?

Because in me, more than a professional translator, you will find an ally, who understands your project and who is part of the market you are targeting. Because once you know my work and enjoy my services, you stay in contact with someone who you could call in the future and who really cares about what you want to communicate to the world.

Why translate to Spanish?

Only 25-26% of all Internet users speak English. There are around 700 million Spanish speakers in the world. It is the second most widely spoken language after Chinese and it is a potential market that demands content to improve health.
Spanish is in constant demand.

“Be yourself because everyone else is already taken”.

Oscar Wilde

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